Department 51 – All things for Teens/Nerds!

By Dave
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Jun 30th, 2014
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And so our journey begins!
The road to popular culture and young adult trends has been a long and windy one but thanks to the hard work of our Department 51 minions, it is now open in Eason Dundrum and ready for action.

What is Department 51?

Well, it’s a long forgotten government agency who specialise in the study of teenage reading habits, pop culture trends and all things Nerd. It has recently been reopened in Eason Dundrum and is coming soon to Belfast, Cork, Swords & Liffey Valley. In fairness, it is well represented in various forms throughout the various Eason stores around the country: just look for the Breaking Bad mugs, Adventure Time Monopoly, Walking Dead Risk, Big Bang Theory Cluedo or The Fault In Our Stars t-shirts and frames. Joining forces in the book area of these departments are Teen, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror. Yep, there truly is something for all walks of life.

What to expect

Over the coming months on this Blog we’ll be chatting to authors, posting trailers, talking all things YA & Nerd and in general trying to keep everyone ahead of the curve with regards all things which fall under the banner of 51. It has been a long trip but I feel it’s been worth the effort and the wait ! I’d love to stay and chat but there are just too many Books, TV shows and Movies to watch and read so little time – and all in the name of Department 51, of course !

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