The Food Medic by Hazel Wallace

By Maeve Ward
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Apr 24th, 2017

Irish Instagram star and doctor shows us – step by step- how to eat ourselves well and look and feel amazing!

We all feel our best when we are free if illness, full of energy and at a healthy weight. In The Food Medic, Dr Hazel Wallace will show you how to maximise your health through nutrition and exercise, and teach you, step by step, healthy eating habits for life.

The Food Medic isn’t simply a book with a collection of recipes that will help shift stubborn pounds before a holiday; it is about health, confidence, happiness and feeling great for good.

Comprising nutritional advice where Dr Hazel debunks common food myths, in addition to an exercise plan, guidance on what to eat to keep medical conditions such as depression, IBS, migraines and insomnia at bay, as well as delicious recipes, this is the total package.

Covering both body and soul, The Food Medic is a holistic guide to health and nutrition that will help you achieve the perfect balance of a healthy and a happy mind.

Watch a video from Dr. Hazel Wallace below:

The Food Medic is available from now!


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