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Jan 11th, 2018

Getting organised can be fun. No really, it can! Once you get through the decluttering work, organisation is actually quite addictive, but in a really good way. That book and stationery obsession of yours is mild until you see how much fun organising these collections, colour coding and displaying everything in beautiful storage is. Trust me, I’m a professional.

It’s the start of a brand new year and we’re surrounded in motivation from goals to resolutions. After storage, my next favourite thing is a good list. So if you have been frustrated with the lack of organisation in your house, here’s a checklist with my top three resolutions to make 2018 your most organised year yet!

  1. I will not clutter my flat surfaces

Keeping flat surfaces clear is the golden rule of organising. Clearing a surface is a great place to start when you’re unsure where to begin. A kitchen counter or the top of a bedside locker are places that can be quick to tackle and yet give great results.

  1. I will declutter before I buy storage

Even though I love storage, it’s not going to solve a clutter problem. Decluttering does that! Very often, we buy storage thinking we are taking control of our organisation, but again, unless you’ve decluttered first, then it can be a form of procrastination. Storage is not a vital component of having an organised space. It helps, but it is not vital. So stop procrastinating on the decluttering just because you don’t have the ‘perfect’ storage box!

  1. I won’t get overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is natural, but its’ power is reduced by doing a little bit everyday. Until you get to a feeling of comfort, you have to keep decluttering regularly. Go easy on yourself. If you’re working in your bedroom and then beating yourself up over the work still to do elsewhere, this won’t help. Enjoy the process of all of this. Use your goals, books, Pinterest etc. to keep you inspired and motivated. But don’t let feeling overwhelmed stop you from moving forward.

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